1.     How much will my wedding photography cost? 

Our complete wedding photography service is available from only £1,999.00. This includes two photographers at your wedding, all images retouched before viewing, a custom wedding album design created for you, and a genuine wedding album from Graphistudio of Italy (www.graphistudio.com) 


2.     Who will be my photographer? 

Graham attends every wedding as lead photographer, and is accompanied by a second photographer, so that we can provide a range of photographic styles. Our photography on the day will usually include a range of posed groups and portraits, some casual photojournalistic style pictures, some fine art images, and plenty of wow moments.   


3.     How long will you stay at my wedding?

When we book a date for your photography, the day is reserved for you. We do not accept any other bookings for the day. This means that we are available for start and finish times which suit you. 


4.     How many photographers will be at my wedding?

We usually have two photographers at a wedding. Your wedding day will pass very quickly, and we want to capture as many wonderful images as possible.


5.     How long will it take for my pictures to be ready?

We pride ourselves on a very fast and efficient service. The images from your wedding will be available to view online in a few days, and your album design and retouched images will be available usually within two weeks


6.     How many weddings do you photograph on any one day?

We take the responsibility of your wedding day photography very seriously, and will only photograph one wedding on any day.  


7.     Will you photograph family groups or special photographs on the day?

Your wedding day is an ideal time to photograph family members who get together for the celebration. We will plan with you the photography of your day, and will include time for any groups or special pictures you may require.  


8.     Do I have choices of album finish etc?

We supply genuine Graphistudio albums. You can see the range of album styles available on the website www.graphistudio.com. We are pleased to supply any album style or finish available. 

9.     What if your camera breaks down?

We always carry plenty of spare equipment so we can carry on working. At a recent wedding I worked out that in total we had six professional cameras, five flashguns and a studio flash unit, with a total value of around £15,000!